Are you an employer who is creating a human-centered workplace culture?

After 20 years in education and maternal mental health, I noticed something striking when I became a mother.

There isn’t a system in place for parents, especially mothers to receive support transitioning back to work after becoming a parent. In fact, after completing my maternal mental health certification, there is a large spike in perinatal mood disorders (PPA and PPD) in the first year of returning to work.

  • Companies are losing employees after they become parents, especially women.

Below is a 3 minute film clip from Explained on Netflix. The title of this episode is Why Women are Paid Less. In the 30-minute video we learn about the gender pay gap, and it turns out that the discrepancy is more focused on being a mother. 

  • Based on a study from the Maternityship Program in 2018, more than 75% of women report that they would like to return to work after becoming a parent, but 43% of new mothers end up leaving their jobs due to expense and lack of support. 

The average financial cost to a company to turn over a skilled worker is 213% of the cost of one year’s compensation for that role. 

  • A new demographic of employees, the millennial generation, is championing change in workplace culture. They are seeking more than “just a job”, they are seeking to be a part of something and have a strong sense of belonging at their workplace. 

Millennials look closely at a company’s values and company culture. Recent research affirms that millennials seek employers who value collaboration, innovation and investment in the employee experience. 

  • According to a recent study by Fidelity, millennials are willing to take a $7,600 pay cut in exchange for moving to a company with better company culture. This generation judges a company based on how much effort it puts into setting up new hires for success and creating a community where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

Slide 5…Many employers don’t appreciate the importance of acknowledging and re-onboarding new parents back into the company after their family leave. 

We can help Employers can create a simple re-onboarding plan for new parents to ease back into the company after their family leave.

  • Our Consulting can fulfill this gap for businesses in Sonoma County through our comprehensive three-part service.

Here in Sonoma County, we have loads of resources for new parents, but often parents are too overwhelmed and busy in the early weeks to connect with these resources.

That's where we can help your company be the hero!

Your company can offer to support your valuable employees with local services like:

  • Compostable or cloth diaper service
  • Postpartum doula service
  • Overnight doula shift
  • In-home lactation support
  • Local organic weekly meals
  • Mama and baby group classes
  • House Cleaning
  • Bi-weekly grocery deliveries

The result is LESS employee turnover.

When employees feel supported and valued during this major life transition, by their employer, they are more willing to return to work and invest in their company, their productivity increases and a stronger work culture is built. Supporting mothers specifically in the transition back to work will create more diversity and equality in the workplace, which is important for everyone.

Coach Bio

Hi I'm Kerry!

The Village Tenders school and courses are the fruit of my experience and education as a birthworker, early childhood educator and parent.

Here is what has influenced my body of work:

  • 16 years as an early childhood educator
  • 10.5 years parenting (bio and foster)
  • Birthworker and postpartum caregiver (Innate Traditions)
  • Maternal Mental Health cert. (PSI)
  • 10 years facilitating parent & baby groups locally
  • Womens and Gender studies at university
  • Natural community-builder and village tender

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"I'm so impressed and a bit taken aback by how training can have such a profound effect on my life. Kerry is a visionary who is gifted at creating a nourishing space for mothers as they connect to their own unique genius."

"I was so deeply touched and nourished by all of it. Kerry's personalized support, the sense of deep and soulful community, the heartfelt and inspiring material, the visions we created together."

Kerry's enthusiasm for the work she brings is so refreshing. Her wisdom comes from a deep well of understanding and flows generously. Her years of experience is compiled and thoughtfully presented. I highly recommend this."


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