Growing a family is an extraordinary rite of passage and parents deserve to be seen and acknowledged in this huge life transition. 

But all too often, we rely on cringe-worthy activities and games that have nothing to do with recognizing the important transition for a parent and everything to do with more stuff, comical games with no real meaning and leave parents-to-be feeling a bit devalued. Hey, we can have just as much fun AND create a meaningful experience. Let me help you create a beautiful experience.

Coach Bio

Hi I'm Kerry!

The Village Tenders school and courses are the fruit of my experience and education as a birthworker, early childhood educator and parent.

Here is what has influenced my body of work:

  • 16 years as an early childhood educator
  • 10.5 years parenting (bio and foster)
  • Birthworker and postpartum caregiver (Innate Traditions)
  • Maternal Mental Health cert. (PSI)
  • 10 years facilitating parent & baby groups locally
  • Womens and Gender studies at university
  • Natural community-builder and village tender

Client Reviews

"I'm so impressed and a bit taken aback by how training can have such a profound effect on my life. Kerry is a visionary who is gifted at creating a nourishing space for mothers as they connect to their own unique genius."

"I was so deeply touched and nourished by all of it. Kerry's personalized support, the sense of deep and soulful community, the heartfelt and inspiring material, the visions we created together."

Kerry's enthusiasm for the work she brings is so refreshing. Her wisdom comes from a deep well of understanding and flows generously. Her years of experience is compiled and thoughtfully presented. I highly recommend this."


Hear how clients and new parents lives have changed after learning from Village Tenders guide Kerry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will we meet?

We will meet on Zoom or Google Workspace for 3 meeting (60 min each)

Can I bring others to our meetings who are helping organize the event?

Yes, you can bring up to 2 others to our meetings, including the parent-to-be.

Will our meetings be recorded?

Yes you will receive a recording of each of our meetings to keep (and re-use in the future for other events).

Is it easy to schedule time?

Yes, it's easy! We can use email or an online calendar scheduling tool to find available and recurring meetings.

Community Guarantee!

We are proud to offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you think our coaching isn't living up to its promise, let us know within 24 hours after your first session and we'll cancel and refund you the remainder of your purchase.

What you receive:

*3-1 hour meetings within a month.

*The printable Better Baby Shower workbook.

*Curated resources to make the day amazing.

*Day-of-event Voxxer support for last minute questions

Little Rituals Free Resource

Want to try us out before you take course?

Transitions can be challenging for little ones.

Want a happier home with more sweet moments and way less self sacrifice?

Grab this FREE resource to learn some simple rituals to add more connection and flow to your day.